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For Bonner County Commissioner

“I know Rich Harter will work hard for the people of Bonner County”

Heather Scott


Why am I running for Bonner County Commissioner?

Bonner County has a long history of neighbor helping neighbor, and a philosophy of self-reliance, live and let live.  As a result, there is a powerful sense of community in this County, and we moved here ten years ago to be part of that.  

Unfortunately, and particularly over the last few years, decisions made by the Bonner County Commissioners have disrupted that sense of community.  The current commissioners have ignored or amended the Comprehensive Plan as they saw fit. They voted to give away county land for the benefit of private business.  And too often, they have shown a lack of respect and sometimes actual contempt to the residents of Bonner County.

I am concerned about commissioners accepting federal funds that come with strings attached.  When commissioners claim that there will be no consequences for accepting Federal largesse (ARPA funds), but openly admit they have not read all the documents that come with that money, this falls well short of an in-depth understanding of the contract and any liability to the county.  If you choose me to be your County As Commissioner, you have my word that I will not vote without being fully informed on the issues at hand.   

We’ve experienced a lot of growth in this county.  I believe we need to work together to conserve the resources and culture of this beautiful and friendly county that we love.  As your Commissioner, I will encourage Planning and Zoning to work with local area sub-groups to make sure that our growth benefits the county and not just the developers. 

If elected, I intend to shine a light on county business for the benefit of our county residents, and to work to make sure all County business is conducted openly.  I want you to know my reasons for the way I vote.  I promise to listen with respect, and to place the residents of our County first in how I evaluate the county business that comes before the Commissioners.

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Elect Rich Harter for Bonner County Commissioner District 3

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Elect Rich Harter for Bonner County Commissioner District 3